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Decorative Wall Panelling


Deziner Panels is a proudly Australian owned and operated decorative wall panel business. Our range consists of Recycled Timber wall panels, 3D wall panels and Acrylic decorative panels. Our products are used to create stunning interior and exterior spaces. Using decorative wall panels is great way of adding some colour or texture in your home or business or commercial projects. Our Recycled Timber decorative panels are made from reclaimed Timber from old ships and structures which can add real character to your project. Our 3D panels can help add some colour and texture to an otherwise bland room.


With our Acrylic Panels we have large range of choices, which are a great alternative to glass splash backs in your kitchen. These can also be used in your bathroom as an alternative to tiles, just imagine no grout to clean! For the full information on the range and use of our products please visit our products page in our menu bar.