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Herald Sun News Paper Home Lift Out

 Herald Sun News paper


ColourUp by Amanda Bennett:

In interiors we take the current colours of “Teal, turquoise, mustard and mint, with a touch of purple.”

Reduce the intensity of the Chroma so they are adjusted for our Australian light.
This would mean adding a touch of grey. Light grey for a pastel or mid to dark for a tone.
These can be mixed with the pure chroma colours for zest and life.

The interior trends for 2016 and beyond are subdued or muted colours with wood. Wood wood and wood is everywhere now. With rattan, linen, stone (concrete) and terracotta clay work. Key look and feel for an interior space would be less static, the interior elements have a sense of movement to their design.
Look for pattern that has a lot happening, is almost collaged and individual (rather like the butterfly effect). No two pieces would be alike.
A contemporary tribalism. There is a lot of ‘busyness’ the muted colours and natural textures will make this design trend more livable.

I also am picking up on copper.
Copper and Bronze are warm and colours. They have the inviting properties of gold without the brashness. I am loving some of these images for copper ideas, how amazing to see them with wood and the green pops.

A strong example of natural recycled hand crafted timber for interiors is the product range at Deziner Panels.

“Timber Panel range is produced from recycled timber from old ships and structures. Such timber is becoming rare and precious, our panels are a way to continue their life. Each Recycled wall panel is handmade with great care and excellence. Visual stress marks, splits, indentations, knots and cracks are natural characteristics for our products.” Deziner Panels.

I covert this bench panel for a client!

Deziner Panels

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Starlight-Five-Chefs-Melbourne.jpgLiquid Tiles at 5 Chefs Dinner Adelaide.jpgLiquid Tiles- Star Light Gala Event Entrance.jpgLiquid Tiles - Red Carpet 5 Chefs Dinner.jpgLiquid Tiles at the 5 Chefs Dinner in Brisbane.pngLiquid tiles Liquid red carpet - Starlight 5 Chefs Dinner.jpgLiquid Tiles at the 5 Chefs Dinner Brisbane.pngStarlight 5 Chefs Dinner with the Host.jpgLiquid Tiles at the 5 Chefs Gala Dinner Brisbane.jpgLiquid Tiles at the 5 Chefs Gala Dinner Sydney.jpgLiquid Tiles- Star Light Gala event.jpgStarlight-Five-Chefs-Melbourne-Event.jpgLiquid Tiles at the 5 Chefs Dinner Adelaide.pngStar Light 5 Chefs Red Carpet.jpgLiquid Tiles -  Star Light 5 Chefs Dinner.jpgLiquid Tiles Red carpet- 5 Chefs Dinner.jpgStarlight 5 Chefs Dinner- Deziner Panels.jpg

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Good Fridday Appeal 2014.jpgLiquid tiles Good Friday Appeal 2014.jpgMy Liquid Tiles Rule - Good Friday Appeal.jpgLiquid tile dance floor Good Friday Appeal- Transformers.jpgLiquid tile dance floor Good Friday Appeal.jpgLiquid tiles Good friday appeal.jpgGood Fridday Appeal 20141.jpg


Liquid Tiles- Kids Day Out 2015.jpgGood Friday Appeal - Standing room only.jpgLiquid Tiles- Kids Day Out 20151.jpgLiquid tiles dance floor Kids Day Out 2015.jpgsetting up3.jpgLiquid tiles dance floor Kids Day Out dance along.jpgLiquid tiles dance floor Kids Day Out on Channel 7.jpgPremier Daniel Andrews loves the Liquid Tiles.jpg

Deziner Panels 2013 Herald Sun Home Show


Herald-Sun-Home-Show.jpgDeziner Panels Herald Sun Home Show.jpgRecycled-boards(unsealed)GG-Style-Studio-Brisbane.jpg

homeshow banner3 


Deziner Panels Melbourne HIA Home Show in April 2013/2014/2015 which proved to be a great success


Melbourne HIA Home Show

Last year Deziner Panels Exhibited at the Melbourne HIA Home Show. The theme was Building, renovating and making home improvements. The HIA Home Show is one of Melbourne’s largest, most popular Home Shows with the latest products, services and innovations in home renovation and new home building. There were hundreds of new products, industry trends and great advice given by exhibitors over the 4 days

Deziner-Panels-HIA(3).JPGDeziner-Panels-HIA(6).JPGDeziner-Panels-HIA.JPGDeziner-Panels-HIA(1).JPGHIA Home Show stand.jpgDeziner-Panels-HIA(2).JPGHIA-2015-stand.jpgHIA Home Show.jpgDeziner-Panels-HIA(5).JPGDeziner-Panels-HIA(4).JPGHIA Home Show stand consults.jpg



Deziner Panels recently attended the Mecca Event evening at the Fitzroy Town hall

Mecca Events

Deziner Panels have teamed up with the people at Mecca Events to Promote to Architects and Interior Designers. The Mecca Events Group have been holding these meetings for many years and have been a huge success. Attendees include Senior Architects, Designers and Developers. Whilst the different Mecca Event product suppliers show case the latest in innovative building and design products, these events are no 1 way for the attendees to get the inside scope of the next big thing!