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Timber Wall Panels

All of our Timber Panels have a unique look and are handmade with great care and excellence. They are produced from recycled timber from old ships and old structures. Their diversity will provide your home, business or commercial project with a modern edge or an aged antique look. They can be used for almost any applications such as feature walls, office interior or cafes.

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3D Wall Panels

Our 3D Wall Panels can transform your house, business or commercial project instantly with our diverse range of patterns. Deziner Panels 3D Wall Panels are lightweight, simple and fuss free to install. They are created in various thickness from MR(moisture resistant) MDF sheet or are also available in 18mm water proof, light weight, 100% UV stable sheet for outdoor projects.

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Acrylic Panels

Our Acrylic Deziner Panels are made of lightweight acrylic and come in a wide variety of finishes, colours and custom infused range and can be molded into almost any shape. They can be used as splash backs, cabinet inserts, feature walls, floor tiles, table tops, lighting boxes, lamp shades the list goes on. We can create custom looks such as coffee beans infused in our panels for bench tops.

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Liquid Floor Tiles

Akwa tile flooring is a new and exciting modular floor tile system that is effective in so many ways. The tile is simply one of a kind, it resists impact and most importantly is a safe and non-toxic tile.
Akwa tiles are suitable for any room within the home including but not limited to the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Akwa tiles are also suitable for many commercial businesses for example, bars/clubs, office receptions, board rooms and restaurants just to nme a few.

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