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Innovative Affordable Luxury for your business

The business world these days are as cut throat as ever before, being able to stand out from the rest is key to most businesses success today. With that in mind, when designing a new/renovation of your business’s interior/exteriors it is paramount that you incorporate stunning & innovative décor products that will simply WOW your clientele.

Our Deziner range of Innovative luxury décor products will transform your business into the stand out amongst your competitor’s. Deziner Panels offer you a versatile & vibrant product range from Luxury Handmade Recycled Hardwood Timber tiles and Panels, amazing Liquid Filled Floor tiles to custom 3D Wall Panels & our Custom Infused & Decorative Acrylics Panels. Incorporating these products into your new fit out will help bring your vision and dreams to life.

Deziner Panels innovative décor products blend seamlessly into retail/hospitality creations such as Café, restaurants, wine/cocktail bars, corporate spaces & boardrooms to corporate building foyers and hotels. From the retail fashion to the retail appliance and home ware industry the versatilely of our products are unmatched.

Deziner Panels products will blend into any design where a “statement” is a must, from heritage to cutting edge to classic or bespoke there is a Deziner panels product to suit your creation. Our Deziner Panels products are cutting edge whilst being extremely affordable without compromising on quality. Deziner products are extremely well made and hold up under retail/hospitality conditions.

With ahuge selectionof products at incredible price points and a team who has a vast experience in the building/fit out industry at your service, we will help answer those pressing questions on the “how to’s” when using our Deziner panels products and help achieve that important goal of fit out budgets. So rest assured we have you covered.

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