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Akwa Floor Tiles

Akwa Tile Flooring is a exciting modular floor tile system that is effective for any space.

The Akwa Tile is simply one of a kind, they are impact resistant and are a safe non-toxic tile. These magical tiles are made up of a liquid that moves around, similar to a lava lamp, when pressure is applied. The liquid in the floor tile moves creating swirls of colour around the pressure point, creating a playful atmosphere of colour and light unlike any other flooring product. The interactive aspect of these tiles have an amazing impact on whoever comes into contact with them. These tiles are suitable for any home surrounding including, the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

The Akwa Tile flooring is also suitable for bars, night clubs, hotels foyers, special events, exhibition events, schools, kindergartens, early childhood Learning centers, community clubs, scouting/girl guide halls, dance studio’s, TV set stage flooring, Game show stage flooring, concert flooring, Music show stage flooring, kids play centres and play grounds as well as many more commercial project applications.


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